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Our Stories

We asked you all to share your library stories with us so that we could share them with community leaders and decision makers.

You sent so many stories that we couldn't fit them all in our highlights booklet - so here they all are, complete and unabridged.

Thank you all for sharing your story.

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About Dolly Parton's Imagination Library:

My daughter got her first free story book in the mail today and was super excited and having everyone in the house read it to her. The wonderful ladies at the Lake Station library signed her up for the Dolly Parton book club and she gets one book in the mail a month until she is five!

- Jessica

About Our Staff:

Sandy was wonderful helping me fax very important paperwork today. Sandy was very patient and knowledgeable. She was a great help to me. I am grateful. Love the library.

- Brigid

I’d like to thank Rosella Garcia for the opportunity to teach ESL. It was wonderful to spend time with people who are very different from me yet the same. I’m glad the the library is a very inclusive place for people of all different backgrounds. Thank you Rosella.

- Jenny

About Our Physical Collection:

We had a Library Hour back in Grammar School. The school Librarian asked us to find a book, take a seat and read. I couldn't find a book that interested me. I was in the fifth grade.

Ms. Foy picked out a book on Indian Arrow Heads. Reading that resulted in a lifetime love of History and Archaeology. I even took up metal detecting searching for old coins since it's difficult to find Arrowheads in the city. The Librarian, Ms. Foy picked out that book 80 years ago, as a result I still visit various Lake County Libraries searching for History or Archaeology Books.

I'm not one to discuss politics : however The Lake County Library System Shines above All.

- Ed

I have a 30 minute commute on the Borman Expressway to my teaching job every weekday. Utilizing audio books from the Lake County Library makes my commute bearable!

- Heidi

Over the last ten years, I've spent more time than I can count in the stacks of the library. I've found movies that I never would have found, miniseries that have started a complete obsession with the medium, books that I found at random, an appreciation for graphic novels. Whenever someone comes to me with an entertainment question, I always ask, "Why don't you just go to the library?" The library is one of my favorite places; a safe space where I can feel at ease. It's a happy place that I would be lost without.

- Megan

My husband and I are avid readers, along with our five children. I love bringing our kids to the library and watching them disperse, darting amongst the stacks to find a pile of treasures. They each have distinct interests and the genres from which they select their books vary widely. No matter how many times we visit, there is always something new to discover.

As wonderful am experience as it is watching my kids devour books, a busy mom, there is often not time for me to search for titles for myself. I absolutely LOVE the online book request feature; it saves precious time and I know that when I do go to the library, my book will be waiting for me. But far and away, my most favorite convenience feature is borrowing ebooks to read through my kindle; this has been lifechanging. Our library is an invaluable resource and we will continue to gratefully take advantage of all it has to offer.

- Kristen

I love my Library and the convenience of ordering books on-line. I am a substitute teacher and take the books to school with me to share with the students. There has been some lively discussions regarding the books I have brought. Hopefully, this has sparked and interest to go to the library and find a book, read it and share it either with the class, family or friends. The joy of reading and taken to places you can only imagine.

- Agnes

Over the last ten years, I've spent more time than I can count in the stacks of the library. I've found movies that I never would have found, miniseries that have started a complete obsession with the medium, books that I found at random, an appreciation for graphic novels. Whenever someone comes to me with an entertainment question, I always ask, "Why don't you just go to the library?" The library is one of my favorite places; a safe space where I can feel at ease. It's a happy place that I would be lost without.

- Megan

About Our Digital Collection:

A Librarian at the Schererville branch helped me set up an account on my Kindle. I have been checking out library books on my Kindle through the library app which then sends me to Amazon for a free download. I LOVE it!!!

- Anne

We work in a 3rd world country often. When we are there, there are no libraries. There are no books. Books are too heavy to carry many with you. We cannot go out at night, when we are there- too dangerous. Soooo...WE HAVE LIBBY!! What a godsend!!

Yes, we are so tired at the end of the day, because we are working hard, but we LOVE having something mind-stimulating to read when we are done. Feeding our minds is so much better than stuffing our faces!! lol

Never take our libraries for granted. The difference between a literate society and an illiterate is soul-shaking. Thank God for books!

- Mike & Phylissa

About Saving Money:

I consider myself an avid reader, reading well over 100 books a year. This would not be possible without the library. While I do purchase books from stores, I also utilize the library often. Last year alone I saved over $1700 by using the library. The library gives me the opportunity to check out books I'm not too sure about without spending money. I am also able to get audio books from the library which is a huge money saver.

- Michelle

The Lake County Library system has been such a blessing and made "Cutting the cord" (eliminating cable TV subscription) so much easier! From Bedtime stories to STEM lessions, Ham Radio education materials, children's videos, Blockbuster movies, and streaming TV, Movies, and Audiobooks/Music we saved an estimated FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS last year. That is hundreds of books and videos our daughter would have otherwise not had access to. My wife and I were able to get up to speed on some of our favorite shows that we miss due to "Cutting the cord" and the library's printing, scanning, faxing services have saved us money on ink/toner cartridges. We love our library!

- George and Heather

I have a Kindle full of books, but I borrow lots more from my Munster branch. I was so tickled when you started stating on my checkout receipt how much money I’ve saved by using the library. I was also really happy to share the good news with my husband, who now considers me to be more frugal than he had thought! Lol

- Mary

About Research: 

I am a new business owner and I am grateful for my library. I have been able to use the resources on-site and online to do market research and search for information on how to run a business. The staff has been extremely helpful with all of my questions.

- Tiffany

I checked out sooo many books that helped me launch my business. It was so nice having a library near me that had all the tools I needed.

- Charlie

About Our Events: 

I am mostly a shut in. Once per month my friend drives me to the library for card making class. A day of creating and friendship bonding has become a highlight in my life.

- Jayne

I have 4 little girls and this past year we learned about the children programs and activities at Lake Station Library. We now attend every activity they have the ladies are amazing, very friendly and the kids love them and my four get so excited when I say we have library night, they learn new things, they think while doing projects, they get to interact and meet new friends, they learn to share and also have a chance to see the variety of books the library offers. My girls look forward to going to the library and it is nice knowing that there is so many learning activities they offer now..Thank you to Lake Station library and to the amazing ladies who put all this together for our kids to experience...

- Sandi

I have been an educator for 20 years. I can entertain and keep a class of 28 third graders productive all day with one hand tied behind my back. But as a new mom of twin boys, keeping them entertained all day is a whole different ball game.

My boys turned two this past summer and were now needing more entertainment and activities. So, when summer break came and I had some time off from work, my anxiety kicked in. I knew that I had to fill the boys’ schedules up with places to go, things to see, and activities to do to get through the day. If it was a place or activity that was enjoyable me, too and was a total win! When I found out that the library had free programs for toddlers...I felt like I hit the jackpot!

I began taking advantage of these special opportunities, and my boys absolutely loved it! We attended the Storytime for toddlers, the Building Blocks to Literacy, and the Duplo for toddlers. I would search the calendar of events on a daily basis for any event that was available for my boys to attend. Every event that we went to kept my boys happy, entertained, and it saved my sanity! I felt that I always had a place to take my kids.

It’s winter now, and I’m back to work. However, we still go to the library on the weekends. When I tell my boys, “Today, we are going to the library!” I always hear a cheer in response. I get so happy when I hear that response because as an educator I know how important it is to love reading and the library is the best place to foster that love.

I actually am looking forward to this summer with my boys. I don’t have that feeling of anxiety any more. I know I always have a place to take them...the library.

- P.C.

I am five years old and have been coming to the library since I was a baby. I started in the Mother Goose on the Loose classes, and then graduated to story time for the big kids. I enjoy coming to the library for other events like "crafternoon" and when the animals come to visit. Once they brought a possum and he had the cutest little face! Sometimes the greyhounds come and they let us kids read to them. And sometimes we come to the library just to pick up books. It's the best place to be. :)

- Ruby

About Our Locations:

The St. John library is one of our favorite places to visit each week. Our 9 year old son has been attending events and going to the library since he was 9 months old. It was there that he would sit on my lap and listen to the librarian read stories. He still loves going to the library twice a week and has since invited so many friends in the neighborhood to join him. The whole Lake County Public libraries are awesome. I have become friends with so many of the librarians and they help out so much. Please continue to support our library in any ways you can!! Thank you for your time.

- Michelle

Waking to the library after school at Saint Michael once a week for a brownie meeting. We would look at the books afterwards and check some out.

- Jennifer 

About the Library as a Whole:

My daughter Violet will be 5 this April and loves going to the library because it's an experience. Besides the books she especially enjoys the hands on activities, computer consoles and interaction with other children. To remain competitive with a world of knowledge at our fingertips a library MUST maintain and increase that level of hands on activities to retain the experience. A library is a MUST for every's a social conduit of knowledge. Violet and I thank you for your time and hope to see enhancements soon!

- Dale

The public libraries are valuable assets to all communities. I am 67 years old and have been visiting the library since I was a child. I can remember vividly walking with my friends to the "bookmobile" in Calumet Township to get books.

I've been an avid reader all my life and the library has played, and still plays, a valuable roll in my life. When my children were young, we visited the library on a regular basis, establishing a strong reading foundation for life. Libraries provide the ability to read and expand a person's knowledge to all economic classes. It's of vital importance for people who may not be able to purchase books to have the resource available that the library provides.

- Debbie

There is no better gift than a book. Stories transform the way that we look at the world and those around us. A great narrative can change the way that we approach our futures, past, and present. I have always loved the library and its endless possibilities.

My grandmother was a librarian for the East Chicago public library when I was growing up. That greatly influenced my mother's love of reading and she shared it with my siblings and me. I have such amazing memories going to story time at the library as a child, wandering the stacks and touching the long backs of the books, and getting lost in endless journeys with so many different authors' voices. No matter where I was in my life I always knew that books would be there with me and for me.

As a mother myself now, there is no greater joy than bringing my young son to the lake county public library and letting him explore the children's section. We love looking at the different books covers and I enjoy watching his little mind light up with the same stars that mine did. I feel like our society forgets how important literacy is and we take the gift for granted.

- Caitlin

The library has been a place of meeting, entertainment, encouragement, and challenge. From our bimonthly Write on Hoosiers meeting, to videos, audiobooks, and books for my classroom, it is my favorite place. I’m also very encouraged by all the programs the library offers to engage students. As a teacher, it is my deep joy to hear so many of my students who’ve worked on projects there, participated in activities, and who now volunteer or are employed there. It has truly opened the world to them! Thank you, Lake County public library!!

- Amy