Reading Lists by Grade Level

Find books your student will love, and books to read along with your student. You can find all of the books on these lists in our catalog!

Reading for Younger Children

It's never too early to give them books! If you have a child younger than a first grader, check out Every Child Ready to Read! This program has lots of fun activities for babies and toddlers and will help you pick books to build their pre-reading skills and help get them ready to read on their own.

What's in a Lexile Code?

All of the titles on this list have an assigned Lexile code. The higher the Lexile code, the more challenging the book is to read.

Many students are given end-of-grade reading tests that assign them a Lexile reading level. Matching their reading level and the Lexile level of the book is meant to make it easier to find books that are the appropriate blend of challenging and enjoyable to read.

The Lexile code is not the final word in reading enjoyment and comprehension, though! It is just meant as a guideline or a starting point to help students find books that will challenge them without frustrating them. Students may also find they enjoy some books beyond their Lexile reading level, but not others - every reader is different, and the only way to find out what you like is to keep reading!