Kids at the library play with blocks. Interacting with other people helps kids build vocabulary.

What is Every Child Ready to Read?

It's a research-based nationwide early literacy program.

Early literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they learn to read or write.

ECRR partners parents, caregivers, and libraries to teach children the skills they need to know in order to learn to read.

Reading Success Depends on Knowing Early Literacy Skills


• The most successful readers begin school knowing lots of words.

Phonological Awareness

• Knowing rhyme and the smaller sounds in words

Letter Knowledge

• Naming letters and their sounds

Print Awareness

• Understanding how to hold a book and how to follow words on a page.

• Noticing print everywhere—on labels and on signs—to learn that print has meaning.

Background Knowledge

• Knowing how stories work and how to tell them

• Knowing about the world all around. It's what children know before they start school.

Narrative Skills

• Understanding how stories are structured

• Being able to describe a sequence of events in order

5 Practices Build These Early-Literacy Skills

Studies show that 5 practices best teach early literacy: Reading, Talking, Playing, Singing (& Rhyming), and Writing.

Scribbling, doodling, and drawing are all part of writing skills.

Why is Every Child Ready to Read Important?

Many children start school without the skills they need to learn to read. Most children who struggle to read and fall behind have difficulty in other subjects as well.

We want to help change that. Research shows that parents are the most effective teachers for helping children learn the skills they need to be ready to learn to read. ECRR helps librarians teach parents and caregivers about the early literacy skills their children need to learn and the best ways to teach them. Together we can all ensure that our children begin school ready to learn to read!

This Month's ECRR Featured Titles

Ah Ha! book cover

Ah Ha! by Jeff Mack (also available as an ebook!

• Print Awareness
• Narrative Skills

• Talking
• Reading

Extend the Book with five green and speckled frogs!

Say Hello Like This Book Cover

Say Hello Like This by Mary Murphy

• Vocabulary
• Print Awareness
• Phonological Awareness

• Talking
• Reading

Extend the Book with an animal cracker guessing game!