Reading Aloud and Early Literacy

Reading Helps Children Learn:

Parent reading with a child

In other words, reading aloud can teach children all the oral language components they need to know in order to become successful readers. But perhaps the most important thing reading out loud can teach children is a love of reading. If the reading aloud experience is fun and pleasurable, a child will want to learn to read and will work hard to learn, even if it is sometimes a struggle. So...

HOW we read with young children is every bit as important - or more important! - as how often we read with them.Reading to a child encourages several important skills!

For example:

Here are three great ways to read aloud with a child:

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Dialogic Reading

Shared Reading

Picture Book Walk

This Month's ECRR Featured Titles

If You're Happy and you Know It book cover

If You're Happy And You Know It by James Warhola

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• Singing
• Playing

Extend the Book with action dice!

The Cat in the Hat Book Cover

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

• Vocabulary
• Letter Knowledge

• Reading
• Writing

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