Geocaching at the Libraries

A compass is helpful when geocaching - or a GPS device

Looking for our Bicentennial Caches?

You're in the right spot. Here you go:

Cloister in the Woods Great Sauk
Exploring Your Roots Settlers of Long Ago
Prairie Find The Highlands

What's Geocaching?

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt-like hobby that takes people to all sorts of interesting locations hunting for treasures (called caches). After hiding the cache, the hider records the longitude and latitude of the location for seekers to use. Seekers use GPS devices to get them as close as possible to the cache and then hunt for it.

Once you find the cache, you sign the logbook contained inside. You might find some cool swag to take with you, too!

The official geocaching site is It's free for anyone to join and to hunt caches all over the world. When you find a cache, you can log on to and leave a message in the online logbook for each cache, too, or share pictures of your adventure searching for the cache. The library's geocaching profile (including all of our hides) can be found here.

Need more info?

Read the official guide.


1. If you take something from the cache, leave something new in the cache.

2. When you find a cache, make an entry in the logbook - it's fun to see who's been there before you!

3. Return the cache exactly where you found it, and report any problems with the cache.

4. Be stealthy - don't let the muggles know what you're doing.