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Preparing for Your Job Search

A resume and cover letter are staples of any job application. When did you last update yours? This is an important early step in your job search; you wouldn't want to find the perfect job only to be stopped by missing pieces of your application! Here are some tools to help you prepare.

Craft a Cover Letter

Cover Letter Template: Format your cover letter properly. This template also includes guidelines for content.

Cover Letter Sample: See what a basic cover letter might look like. This sample will help you understand appropriate tone and voice for a cover letter.

Craft a Resume

Resume Worksheet: Start here. Planning what you will include in your resume is just as important as typing it out neatly with no mistakes.

Resume Tips: The DOs and DON'Ts of writing a resume.

Basic Resume Template: A basic starting point suitable for most resumes.

Just out of College Resume Template: A starting point for recent college grads searching for their first job.

No Experience Resume Template: No experience? No problem. Give this resume template a try and highlight your skills instead.

Federal Resume Template - Resumes for government jobs are unique. Read more about Federal Resumes here.

Veteran Resume Template: A basic template that prioritizes military service. Tip: Avoid using military jargon or acronyms. Try the Military Skills Translator for help converting your experience to civilian language.

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