Support the Library by Shopping on Amazon

If you shop through Amazon, your purchases could be benefiting the library!

All you have to do is go to and click the Shop at Amazon link. Then just shop as usual! A portion of what you spend will be delivered right back to the library since you accessed Amazon through that special link.

Any time you want your purchases to help the library, just repeat the same steps. It makes a big difference! And if you're having any difficulty, please contact your library. We'd be happy to walk you through it!

Start Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will this cost me?

There is no additional charge! Anything you might purchase when shopping on Amazon to support the library will cost exactly the same as it would if you were shopping on Amazon normally.

How often can I do this?

As often as you want! Just use the link any time you want to shop on Amazon. Once you leave Amazon's website, you will have to click the link again if you want your next purchases to benefit the library, as well.

How much money does the library get?

It varies depending on what is purchased, but on average we receive around 4% of the cost of the item. In the first 18 months of partnering with Wowbrary to do this, we raised almost $800 - and that was without even asking patrons like you to help!

What do you use the money for?

All of the money we receive through this program goes directly into our materials budget. That means we only use it to buy new items that you can check out, like books, movies, and music.

...Can you see what I've been buying?

No! When we receive the report of what we've earned through this program, all data is aggregated and anonymized. We have no way of knowing who is purchasing what.