LCPL Renewals and Loan Period Policy

The Lake County Public Library (LCPL) limits loan periods and the number of permitted renewals per item in order to make materials available to all library users on an equal basis. As the LCPL is a public library and not a university library, it does not employ a recall system to manage long-term withdrawals and therefore requires all materials to be returned after the lending period has expired and all renewals have been used.

Depending on the demand for the item, collection size, lending source, material type, and other factors, some library materials may have shorter loan periods and fewer permitted renewals than others.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your local branch, or use our Ask a Librarian form.

Frequently Asked Check-Out Questions

How many items can I check out?

Limited Access Card: 15
Full Access Card (red card): 50

How can I renew items on the phone instead of calling the branch?

Call (219) 756-9356 for automated renewal

Can I check out magazines?

Yes - both regular magazines and digital magazines!

How many DVDs can I check out at one time?

Limited Access Card: 5 New Release or 7-day DVDs, or 15 educational DVDs.
You may mix and match to total 15 items. For example, you may check out 1 7-day DVD and 14 educational DVDs, or 5 New Release DVDs, 5 books, and 5 educational DVDs. Total items checked out may not exceed 15.

Full Access Card (red card): 50 total. You may mix and match from the following categories to total 50:
    - Up to 50 14-Day educational DVDs (identified by the Dewey number on the case)
    - Up to 5 new release (3-Day) DVDs (DVDs that are new to our collection)
    - Up to 20 7-Day DVDs (TV shows and older movies that have been in our collection for over 5 months)

Do you have this DVD?

Searchable list of all DVDs (just type the title where the * is in the search box)

If none of the branches have the title you're looking for, you can make a purchase suggestion.

How do I request a book/CD/DVD for the library to acquire?

Check out our Purchase Suggestions page, complete with instructions and detailed Purchase Request FAQs

Can I return a DVD to a different branch?

Yes! Any DVD checked out from a Lake County Public Library (LCPL) location can be returned to any other Lake County Public Library location.
(Please Note: The Crown Point Library, Hammond Public Library, Lowell Public Library, East Chicago Public Library, Whiting Public Library, and Gary Public Library are not part of the Lake County Public Library system.)

Exception for Lowell: If necessary, Lowell Public Library will accept the return of LCPL materials, just as LCPL will accept the return of Lowell Public Library materials. However, please keep in mind that this requires an extra trip for our hard-working courier, and there is only so much space in our van! We appreciate it if Lowell Public Library items are returned to Lowell Public Library locations and Lake County Public Library items are returned to LCPL locations whenever possible. Thanks!

Is there a list of all movie titles in the system?

Yes! Here they are, sorted by popularity. You can also search this list by typing in the title of the movie you're looking for in the search box where the * is.

Why can't I renew regular one week DVDs?

Surprise! As of January 2nd, 2015, you will be able to! We're adding this feature based on patron feedback, so you'll get two renewals for each 7-day DVD you check out.

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