Fines and Fees at Lake County Public Library

New fines and fees effective January 1st 2016

As of January 1, 2016, LCPL has moved to a simplified schedule of fines and fees. There is now a flat cost for printing, and one replacement fee for library cards regardless of card type.

In addition, we are pleased to note that, with automatic renewals, the number of items returned late has decreased dramatically! Only 6.8% of our items are ever returned late. In the interest of making sure that everyone gets the items they want in a timely fashion we have increased overdue fees slightly for some items, confident that most people will never have to pay them. (Note that the overdue fee for feature DVDs has, in fact, decreased under this new policy.)

Printing: $.05/page

Library Card Replacement: $1.00

Regular Item Overdue Fees:

Daily Fine: $.25, max $10.00

High Priority Item Overdue Fees:

Bestseller Express, Feature DVDs, Book Club to Go Kits, Interlibrary Loan items, and Reference materials. The daily fee for these is higher because these are high-demand items.

Daily Fine: $1.00, max $10.00

Lost Item Fee

A lost item is any item that has been overdue for more than 30 days or is reported lost by the borrower. The fee is the original retail price at the time of purchase. Lost items may not be replaced by the patron in lieu of paying the fee. However, if the item is later found, we are happy to reimburse the lost item fee minus any overdue charges.