Computer Use Policy

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Lake County Public Library - 7/24/97
Revised - 6/27/02

Computers, networks, and computer-based resources at the Lake County Public Library are used to help fulfill the Libraryís mission.

This policy covers the management of computer data networks and the resources they make available as well as stand-alone computers that are owned and administered by the Lake County Public Library. The policy reflects the ethical principles of the Lake County Public Library and indicates, in general, the privileges and responsibilities of persons using the Libraryís computing resources.

Specific procedures and regulations for using standalone computers, networked computers, and computer-based resources are in writing and available for all users.

External Networks


Responsibilities of Users

Organizational Purposes

Legal Use

Ethical Use

Cooperative Use


Limitations of Liability

Internet Acceptable Use

Computer Use by Children

Rules for Internet Use by Children


This policy was adapted from other sources, including the St. Joseph County Public Library and LakeNet.