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Use your Digital Access Card to access any of the resources you find here. If you have questions about using your card, just give us a call or use our Ask a Librarian form!

If your school is not one of those partnered with Lake County Public Library, tell your administration you're interested! Partnering with the library means that you get a Digital Access Card so you can use library resources right away from any location without ever setting foot in one of our buildings.

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Here we have a fine selection of databases for your research needs. English paper coming up? Gotcha covered. Science project? No problem. Anything you need to learn about, you can find it here.

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A little something for your devices. Need a novel? Grab it without leaving your chair. Want some music? Download it (Legally! Forever! For free!) from the library. Prefer to read magazines? We've got those too. All you need is your Digital Access Card.

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We have plenty of activities, classes, movies, and actual books you can turn the pages in at our various locations. Check out our events page to see what's going on, or just stop by a branch near you to explore.