Copy, Scan, and Fax at the Library

This is what the new copy-scan-fax machines look like.

Due to popular demand, the library is pleased to announce that we have added scanning and faxing services to our copying services! These machines are now available at all locations.

How Does it Work?

Our new machines are designed to print only 8.5" x 11" paper. All of them accept cash and are self-service. The cash boxes paired with each one will accept up to $20 in coins, $1 bills, or $5 bills. If you plan to make more than $20 worth of copies/faxes/scans, please ask for assistance!

PLEASE NOTE: The library cannot provide change or break bills! However, the coin boxes will provide change if you do not use the full balance inserted. You must use coins, $1 bills, or $5 bills.

The faxing function operates via an Internet connection rather than using a phoneline. This helps us keep down the cost to you since there are no long-distance charges.

Other Features

• Single or duplex printing
• Scan to PDF, USB,or email
• Print PDFs, JPGs, or TIFFs from USB

Library Lover Tip: If you don't need a hard copy of a document, consider going green and copying it to USB or email instead of to paper.

Now Available At:

Cedar Lake Branch
Dyer-Schererville Branch
Griffith-Calumet Township Branch
Highland Branch
Hobart Branch
Lake Station-New Chicago Branch
Merrillville Branch Genealogy Room *
Merrillville Branch Main Level
Munster Branch
St. John Branch

* Special Book Scanning Station

Limited scan and fax services are available in the Genealogy Room at the Merrillville branch. This station does not have print capabilities, but features other options. Learn more...

How Do I Use This Thing?

1.) Insert your flash drive if you plan to use one. If not, go to 2.)

2.) Press Start.

3.) Choose the function you need:

Copy: Copies and prints a paper document.

Fax: Faxes a paper document to the fax number you enter.

Email: Emails a copy of a paper document to the address you enter.

Flash Drive: Prints a paper document from a file USB or scans a paper copy to a digital format to be saved on a USB.