The Reader

"The Reader" is a seven foot sculpture located in the west window of the Merrillville Branch above the main entrance doors. It depicts a woman in a semi-reclined position with a book in her lap and another book close at hand.

"The Reader" was previously housed in a large window overlooking Route 30. The 2011-2013 renovation of the Merrillville Branch included the new location for the sculpture so that everyone entering the library could see it.

The sculpture is made of pure white cement, steel reinforcement, acrylic strengthener, and marble powder. The steel at the base of the sculpture was donated by Bethlehem Steel. The artist, Mr. Hermann Gurfinkel of Valparaiso, Indiana, who passed away in April 2004, has left a legacy of his work both here in the United States and abroad.

The sculpture was a gift from the Friends of the Lake County Public Library and was dedicated on March 25, 1984.

The Reader Sculpture's Journey

See The Reader as she was first conceived, developed, and installed. Later pictures show her move from her perch overlooking Route 30 to her new home overlooking the entrance of the library after its renovation.

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