Lake County Public Library

The Reader statue is an icon of the Lake County Public Library

The Foundation

The Lake County Public Library Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization, was established in 1984 to administer funds received and provide a continuing source of income for the library. The philanthropic endeavors of individuals and corporations help to subsidize everything we do, enabling us to fulfill our mission for quality library service. The Lake County Public Library Foundation is the catalyst in generating public funding and endowments to ensure the future and excellence of Lake County Public Library.

At a time when the economy is weak and competition among charities is intense, it is especially gratifying to be recognized for fiscal responsibility, efficiency, and for being a "wise investment."

Because your contribution is invested, only the annual interest is awarded for library materials; therefore, your contribution benefits the library’s future indefinitely.

The Need

Fine libraries everywhere exist with public funds, but it is through private gifts that they flourish. The Foundation provides books and materials that go beyond what is obtainable through traditional tax base funding. Foundation funding enhances, and does not supplant, the public funding received by Lake County Public Library. Quality resources are in demand, now and in the future.

Gift and Memorial Donations

Give a lasting and thoughtful tribute to your family or a loved one by making a contribution to the Lake County Public Library

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A donation can be:

Your gift or memorial to the Lake County Public Library Foundation will keep on giving year after year, because it is invested with only the annual interest used to purchase books, magazines, DVDs, and related library materials.

You may designate what type of library materials you would like your donation to purchase including books, DVDs or CDs.

A particular subject you wish the materials to cover is requested, otherwise, you may be contacted by library staff for more information.

In addition, a gift plate will mark the material purchased with your donation.