1999 Annual Report

"Celebrating our Yesterdays ... Anticipating our Tomorrows"


Grants and Gifts

The Friends of Lake County Public Library provided funding for the 40th Anniversary year long celebration, including all the programs, and purchased LCPL banners for the Central Library and all branches.

For the third year, LCPL received an AmeriCorps grant to continue the Library Literacy Service Corps in which participants were trained to be literacy tutors, Internet lab assistants, and information desk assistants.

LCPL was one of 40 libraries nationwide selected to host the "National Connections" reading and discussion series for adult new readers and funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The Alpha Province, Pi Epsilon Kappa Sorority donated $200 to the Highland Branch for programming.

The New Chicago Branch received a gift of $500 from the Hobart Eagles for programming.

The Estate of Kenneth Mills donated $50,000 to purchase materials for the Genealogy Collection.

Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Kappa donated $300 to the Hobart Branch.

A donation of $200 was given to the Munster Branch by the GFWC Munster Woman's Club to purchase CD-ROMS for the Children's computer.

The LCPL Foundation donated $37,688 for the purchase of library materials. Funds were raised through the 1998 Read-A-Thon, "Fabulous at 40!" Wine Tasting-Silent Auction and Annual Campaign.

The following businesses donated items for the Summer Reading Program:


We have 130,472 total number of resident patrons and 8,923 reciprocal borrowers.

There were 7,653 patron visits per week to the Central Library last year.

Reference Services answered 7,900 questions per week.

A total of 1,896,101 items were circulated and of those 612,001 were children's items.

The Lake County Public Library system holds:

Lake County Public Library Foundation

Established in 1984, the LCPL Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization formed by leaders of the community to administer funds received through donations and special fund raising events to provide a continuing source of income for the Library. The tax deductible donations are used to purchase books, magazines, videos, and related materials for the Library. Because the gift is invested and only the annual interest is used for the purchases, the gift is a perpetual endowment benefiting LCPL.

The Foundation Board wishes to acknowledge the following donors for their support in 1999:

  • Ms. Sharon Adley *
  • Ms. Sharon Ball *
  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Berda *
  • Ms. Joyce Berg *
  • Mrs. Lee Bernstein *
  • Mr. David Bochnowski, Peoples Bank
  • Mr. David Buls, Lucas, Holcomb & Medrea
  • Calumet Area Solo Club
  • Mrs. Pat Carnett *
  • Mr. Nate Carras, Carras Szany-Kuhn & Assoc.
  • Mrs. Francis Cichocki
  • Mrs. Arlene D. Cooper
  • Mrs. Linda Crawford *
  • Mrs. Robert Dickerson, 55th Avenue Pharmacy
  • Dr. & Mrs. Dan Dunn *
  • Ms. Frances Dupey *
  • The Estate of Kenneth E. Mills
  • Ms. Margaret Evans *
  • GFWC Federated Woman's Club
  • Mrs. Bernice Geiselman *
  • Dr. & Mrs. Goldschmidt
  • Mr. Larry Graham *
  • Mr. Jim Hafner *
  • Mr. Robert Hennessy, Manager LTV - Indiana Harbor Works
  • Mrs. Pat Hopkins *
  • Mr. Ray Howell, Air Temp Mechanical *
  • Mrs. Margaret Hunt *
  • Ms. Mary Igras *
  • Mr. Donald Johnson *
  • Mr. Dean Jones *
  • Mrs. Sue Joys
  • Mr. Timothy Kelly, Timothy F. Kelly & Assoc.
  • Mrs. Irene Ketchum *
  • Mrs. Barbara Klawans *
  • Mrs. Margaret Kuchta *
  • LCPL Technical Services Staff *
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary Maxwell, First Impressions
  • Mrs. Mary Lou Misch *
  • Jim & Sophie Misner *
  • Northern Indiana Callers & Dancers
  • Ms. Julie Olthoff, VIA Marketing Inc.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Oppenhim *
  • Mrs. Diane Pierce *
  • Mr. Carey L. Pruitt
  • Ms. Patricia Riley *
  • Mrs. Carol Roark *
  • Mrs. Marti Ross *
  • Mrs. Nancy Rudy *
  • Mr. Mitch Sidor
  • Mr. Tom Surovek *
  • Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Swanson
  • Norm & Inge Weyer *
  • Mr. John Taylor, Taylor & Bartholomew Construction
  • Mr. Nicholas Vasil

*Denotes donations made in honor of Carol A. Derner upon her retirement.

In 1999, the Foundation sponsored its fourteenth annual Read-A-Thon for preschool through eighth grade students, in which 791 students from 35 schools raised $34,363.44. It was the most successful fund raiser in the Foundation's sixteen years of existence.

Altogether, the Foundation raised over $86,700 from gifts, donations and the Read-A-Thon for the purpose of enhancing Lake County Public Library's collection.

A Salute to LCPL Volunteers

As part of Lake County Public Library's 40th Anniversary, special recognition was given to our Volunteers for their dedicated service and support to Lake County Public Library over the years. In 1999 alone, our Volunteers donated over 5,000 hours of service to the Library. Our sincere thanks to them for their continued loyalty and commitment:

  • Jeanette Arway
  • Pauline Behrens
  • M/M. Leo Beck
  • M/M George Benetich
  • Kerry Berdis
  • Lee Bernstein
  • Gene Bissing
  • Kathleen Brazzale
  • Rose Brozovic
  • Debbie Carrol
  • Mary Clare
  • Linda Crawford
  • Lucy Crosslin
  • Marjorie Cubberly
  • Chandralkha Damodaran
  • Jane Dancho
  • Dr. Domenico Deschamps
  • Ruth Dooling
  • Mary Edwards
  • Tim Engel
  • Linda Falaschetti
  • Delores Firsich
  • Susan Galliher
  • Arlene Gardow
  • Celia Gomay
  • Helen Goodman
  • Patricia Greer
  • Sue Griswold
  • Dorothy Gross
  • Clarence Hogan
  • M/M Val Hojnacki
  • Crystal Hollinger
  • Florence Huffmaster
  • M/M Bob Irwin
  • Sue Joys
  • Jean Kanost
  • Richard Keene
  • Lee Kettle
  • Irene Klimis
  • Sylvia Krafft
  • Sophie Kruse
  • Doris Lackovitch
  • Dwayla Lamb
  • Alice Lauterbur
  • Violet Lesko
  • Donna Lewin
  • Rose Lubek
  • M/M Al Luchene
  • Audrey Lundy
  • Nick Mangos
  • Ann Marchese
  • Helen Marks
  • M/M Alan Oppenheim
  • M/M Bill Panassow
  • Amelia Pagorek
  • Frank Peterson
  • Judy Petrou
  • Betty Ray
  • Carol Repasi
  • Amelia Reyna
  • Kathleen Rhyne
  • Marilyn Sabotta
  • Wanda Samuelson
  • Verna Schrombeck
  • Betty Smith
  • Stanley Stanish
  • Kathie Strickland
  • Helene Such
  • Hazel Sylvester
  • Marilyn Takacs
  • Gail Tobias
  • Eugene Vasusky
  • Dan Welch
  • Halina Wertz
  • Marsha West
  • Ellen Wilson
  • M/M Don Wooley
  • Beth Wooley
  • Helen Woolston











1999 Administration and Support Members

Library Administration
Carol A. Derner, Director, retired August 31, 1999
Lawrence A. Acheff, Assistant Director, appointed Director, November 23, 1999
Ana Grandfield, appointed Assistant Director, December 30, 1999

Board of Trustees
Robert W. Marszalek, President
Arthur Giannini, Vice President
Ella Gilbertson, Secretary
Susan E. Buczek, Treasurer

Marilyn M. Caruthers
Sophie Misner
Nenad Radoja
Dennis Tobin

Friends of LCPL
Jean Oppenheim, President
Linda Crawford, 1st Vice President
Lee Bernstein, 2nd Vice President
Doris Lackovitch, Secretary
Judith Nelson, Treasurer
LCPL Foundation
Margaret Kuchta, President
Ray Howell, Vice President
Barbara Klawans, Secretary
Dean Jones, Treasurer

Jeffrey Batson
Frank Giberson
Larry Graham
Jeffrey Johnson
Irene Ketchum
Andrew Kyres
Marc Leuthart
Michael McIntyre
Sophie Misner
Judith Petrou
Marti Ross
Nancy J. Rudy
Tom Surovek