Lake County Poetry

In celebration of Indiana's Bicentennial, non-profit Indianapolis publishing house Brick Street Poetry requested submissions from poets in every single Indiana county. One poem was chosen from each county to be included in an anthology: Mapping the Muse: A Bicentennial Look at Indiana Poetry (Brick Street Poetry, Inc, 2015).

Here are the winner and runner up from Lake County!

Runner Up: First Place:

Lake County

The native Indians were first
To inhabit our northwest land
As they forged through terrain
Of prairie, swamp and sand

While Dillinger escaped
The Lake County Jail
His story lives on
To no avail

Presidents Coolidge and Obama
Made an indelible mark
As they graced us with their presence
At Wicker Memorial Park

With the production of steel
Brick and concrete
There's a hardness to Lake County
In which no other can compete

There’s a myriad of lakes
At our back door
But, Lake Michigan shines the brightest
With its miles of shore

Whether you peruse the bike trails
Or choose a park to your liking
Our land is perfect
For a gentle stroll or hiking

A beauty exists
That our county can't deny
It rests in verdant pastures
And in corn that hails the sky

There's never a lack for something to do
From High School Sports to a theatrical venue
With the music of our Symphony and local bands
Art fills the air from our hearts to our hands

Lake County is judged
For being far from pristine
Relating to the environment
And the political scene

No County is perfect
If the truth be known
Although, each one is special
If you call it ‘home’.

- Kathy Homrich

All Washed Up

skipping stones
seagull feathers

beach glass
assorted shells
great lake treasures

Our sand castle
was well adorned
with items from the deep

borrowed gifts
reclaimed too soon
swept from you and me

- Jackie Huppenthal