Lake Station and New Chicago, Indiana

Marshall and Deputy sheriffs in East Gary, 1914
Marshall and Deputy sheriffs, East Gary, 1914
Image provided by Lake Station Historical Society

Lake Station was founded in 1852. It was first mapped by George Earle - the same George Earle who gave his name to Hobart's Lake George. The city began as a stagecoach depot and only grew from there.

The town of New Chicago was formed in 1893.

In 1908, Lake Station officially changed its name to East Gary. It remained East Gary until 1977, when it changed back to Lake Station. Claims to fame include once housing the county seat (before it moved to Crown Point) and on occasion hosting Abraham Lincoln!

The library operated separate branches in Lake Station and New Chicago until 2007, when the branches merged into a beautiful new, modern building to better serve both communities.

Pay a visit to the Lake Station Historical Society to learn more about Lake Station and New Chicago.

Bicentennial Events and Classes at Lake Station-New Chicago Branch

Happy 200th Birthday, Indiana!
Saturday, December 10, 2 pm
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