Dyer and Schererville, Indiana

Nondorf-Govert Farm in Dyer on Edmond Drive. Now the site of Dyer's Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Nondorf-Govert Farm, Dyer.
R to L: Katherine, Aplolonia (Mother), Magdalena, Michael, Henry (Father)
Image provided by the Dyer Historical Society and Museum. Click to enlarge.

The communities of Dyer and Schererville share one library branch - the largest of Lake County Public Library's branches, not counting Merrillville! Regardless, Dyer and Schererville are two separate communities with unique histories.


The town of Dyer was formed in 1855. It takes its name from Martha Dyer Hart, the wife of Aaron Norton Hart, one of Dyer's founding figures. Hart was instrumental in developing Dyer's roads and drainage ditches. Learn more about Dyer by visiting the Dyer Historical Society and Museum!


Schererville was founded in 1866 by Nicholas Scherer and originally consisted of just one train depot with the name "Schererville" on the side (as the land belonged to Nicholas Scherer). That makes 2016 Schererville's sesquicentennial in addition to Indiana's bicentennial! The NWI Times has a great article on Schererville's history you can read to get in touch with the town's history.

Bicentennial Events and Classes at Dyer-Schererville Branch

Throughout 2016:
• "Then and now" photos of notable locations in Schererville and Dyer will be displayed in the foyer windows.
• Hoosier Film Series: Each month we'll show a film featuring Indiana stars! See the full list here.

September and October: Items from the Dyer Historical Society will be on display in the library.

December 10th, 3-4 PM: Happy 200th Birthday, Indiana! Celebrate Indiana's bicentennial with cake, coffee, and cider.